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NHL Injuries Don't Need To Be Disclosed, Because We're Going To Find Out Anyway

NHL teams are not required to share much information when it comes to injuries. This would be an issue, except for the fact that we wind up getting all that information anyway.

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The following injuries are to players currently out of the lineup for their respective teams. The injuries are as officially listed by those teams:

Talk about a lot of detail. Here's what we actually know about those injuries: Beagle got punched in the face by Arron Asham and suffered a concussion. Betts has a bad knee. Campoli has a hamstring problem keeping him out until December. Upshall has a hip injury. Rozsival took a puck to the face

There have been a lot of complaints recently about the NHL's refusal to require teams to disclose injuries. Damian Cristodero of the St. Petersburg Times bemoaned the issue on Monday, spurring Puck Daddy to cover the topic Tuesday. Cristodero summed up the arguments against disclosing injuries:

Reporting injuries always has been a touchy subject in the NHL. And the rules adopted by general managers in 2008 created a tug of war between secrecy and transparency.

Revealing injuries would give opponents a competitive advantage, some teams say. And if injuries are revealed, they might be targeted with a whack of a stick to get opponents out of a game.

Fans and reporters simply want more information.

All teams are required to do is disclose the area of the body the injury has attacked, and that's where you get the "upper-body" vs. "lower-body" thing. 

All very fair. We all want more information, and hey, they get all this information in the NFL. What's the big deal? Football players don't complain about the risk of other guys going after their fractured wrist or their bum knee, do they? 

But I think all the complaints are kind of missing the point. We always learn the details of injuries one way or another anyway, don't we? Across the entire NHL right now, there might be one or two injuries that we don't have more details about other than "lower-body" or "upper-body." We're aware of the vast majority of them, and we always know about the serious ones. It's called reporting. 

To me, this is kind of like how NHL teams refuse to announce financial details of contracts. "Per club policy..." You might not tell us what that contract is worth when announcing it, but ahem, we're certainly going to find out anyway

In that sense, some teams have already begun disclosing financial terms. Might as well, right? It works the same way with injury information. We're going to find out, guys. You might as well just save everybody the extra work. 


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