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New York Rangers Winter Classic Jerseys Unveiled Monday At Central Park

In a lengthy ceremony at Central Park on Monday afternoon, the New York Rangers unveiled their Winter Classic jerseys, which their wear on January 2 when they take on the Philadelphia Flyers outdoors at Citizens Bank Park in Philly.


Via the Rangers on Facebook:

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It's a pretty simple look for the Rangers, who are going back to the logo they used back in the 1920s. They're using the same vintage white that highlights the jerseys the Flyers are wearing, and they obviously stick with the same overall vintage style that's taken over every Winter Classic jersey to date. Also like the Flyers, they're keeping the Winter Classic logo on the shoulder, instead of on the chest like it's been for other teams in previous years.

It's hard to mess up a classic-looking jersey design, and the Rangers certainly didn't take any risks here with these. For that reason, it's hard to find something to complain about. They're nice and simple, just like the Flyers', and they'll look good on January 2.

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