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If He Wants To Keep His Job, Randy Cunneyworth Better Learn French

The language war is continuing in Montreal this Monday, two days after the local hockey club hired a unilingual head coach in Randy Cunneyworth. The poor guy doesn't speak French, and while he may be extremely qualified for the position, it seems that his English-only misfortunate will be enough for him to lose his new gig.

Here's Canadiens owner Geoff Molson in a press release today:

Randy Cunneyworth is a qualified and experienced coach who has earned the respect of the players and everyone within the organisation and he was ready to take over the responsibility of head coach. As Pierre Gauthier indicated, the head coaching position will be revaluated at the end of the season and, at that time the selection process will be carefully planned.

Although our main priority remains to win hockey games and to keep improving as a team, it is obvious that the ability for the head coach to express himself in both French and English will be a very important factor in the selection of the permanent head coach.

We're paraphrasing here, but a loose translation: Hey, man. You're really great at your job and everything, but we have a bunch of customers who are stubborn jerks. If you don't buy Rosetta Stone, we're going to have to escort you from the premises. 

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