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NHL Realignment Will Reportedly Appease Detroit Red Wings, No Matter What

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NHL realignment will be the major topic discussed Monday and Tuesday when the league's Board of Governor's meets for their annual meeting in Pebble Beach, Calif., and according to a report from Sportsnet, it looks as though whatever solution the Board decides on will certainly appease the Detroit Red Wings.

Of course, the Wings happen to be one of the most influential organizations in the NHL.

We don't know if anything will be actually finalized by the time the Board of Govs goes their separate ways on Tuesday afternoon, as it takes a two-thirds vote to finalize anything, but we do know that they'll be discussing two very different plans. Via Sportsnet:

I'm told, the two plans will be presented without a recommendation from the commissioner's office, and they are plans that "reflect the greatest level of club interest." The simple one is just a swap of Detroit for Winnipeg. That fulfils the promise of Gary Bettman to Mike Illitch to put the Red Wings in the east.

The second proposal is a bit more complex. It's the four division, no conferences approach that's been rumored in the recent past, and according to Sportsnet, it would feature a balanced schedule and would keep local rivalries alive with a divisional playoffs system.

That's obviously quite the change from what we have right now, and who knows if it'll ever see the light of day. It's just as easy that we see the Red Wings join the Eastern Conference, although the placement of them into the Southeast Division does seem less than ideal.

Hopefully we find out what'll happen after the meetings on Monday and Tuesday.