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Mike Milbury Assault Case Dismissed Due To Lack Of Evidence

Mike Milbury, the Versus hockey commentator, former NHL general manager and former Boston Bruins player, will not face charges that he assaulted a 12-year-old boy at a youth hockey game on December 9. The case against him has been dismissed by Brookline, Mass. prosecutors thanks to a lack of evidence.

Milbury alleged that the incident was precipitated by a scuffle between his son and the 12-year-old boy at a youth hockey game, and that he was trying to break up that confrontation. Parents of the boy said they were disappointed with the decision to drop the charges.

Milbury has been held off television since the story broke, and there's no sense of when he'll return to the airwaves. Via the Boston Herald:

Milbury addressed the media right after saying the incident was just "an unfortunate misunderstanding."

When asked when he will be back on the air as a hockey analyst, Milbury said he was saving his voice for "Christmas caroling."

His attorney, Mark Berthiaume, said that "Mike will be returning to work on the air very, very soon." We shall see.