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Jack Edwards Calls Out Steve Ott, Who Remembers The Past A Bit Differently

Jack Edwards, the proud and incredibly homerrific voice of the Boston Bruins, is no fan of Steve Ott - forward for the Dallas Stars. On several occasions in the past he's let this be known, calling Ott a "knee-seeking scud missile", along with any other choice descriptions of the antagonistic forward.

Yesterday, Edwards went on the radio to defend his view of Ott and had a very interesting story as to why he feels the way he does.

On 1310 The Ticket out of Dallas, Edwards appeared on BaD Radio in advance of Saturday's game between the Stars and Bruins. You can listen to the full interview here.

Among other things, Edwards says his dislike of Ott stems from an incident in 2008 when he was informed that Ott said some "unprofessional" things to some female fans in attendance. He also went overboard describing a routine (yet penalized hit), using some choice language that described a hit that didn't exact happen as he says it did.

In response to Edwards, Ott appeared on the same radio show this afternoon, saying that while he remembers the incident in question -- it didn't exactly happen as described. Sean Avery was the one who was involved with the fans at the game and as far as the hit on Gregory Campbell from 2009, Ott says it was far from a hit that could "break someone's neck".

Judge for yourself.

Ott is certainly a polarizing figure in hockey and while fans in Dallas love him, many others around the NHL despise his antagonistic ways. That doesn't excuse a public figure like Edwards, no matter how much of a proud homer he may be, from trying to justify his use of words with something close to a lie.