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VIDEO: Gary Bettman Discusses NHL Realignment Plan

Gary Bettman spoke with the media in Pebble Beach, Calif. on Monday evening, where he presented the league's realignment plan as voted on by the NHL's Board of Governors. The plan calls for a new four-conference system, which will feature more of a balanced schedule and a focus on regional rivalries. 

That whole Eastern Conference and Western Conference thing? Yeah, a thing of the past. Here's Bettman explaining the entire plan, as it fit into the context of the meetings:

The highlights:

- Bettman presented two plans to the Board of Governors: one featured just a simple one-for-one swap, while the other featured this radical realignment. He laid out both plans, explaining the pros and cons. The radical plan won out, and it only took about an hour to come to that determination.

- The details are not solidified just yet, but we basically know what it's going to look like. Bettman personally has to tie up some loose ends, including playoff format in the final two rounds, which he says he'll leave up to the NHL's general managers.

- The union still has to sign off on the plan, but they've already weighed in and Bettman certainly won't be presenting a plan like this without knowing he has their support.

- The easy plan -- the one-for-one swap from East to West -- never really had too much traction, despite the fact that it seemed easier, according to Bettman.

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