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Boston Bruins Could Trade Mark Stuart To Chicago Blackhawks, Report Says

The Boston Bruins need to shed cap space to acquire their trade deadline prize, Tomas Kaberle of the Toronto Maple Leafs. It made sense that a forward would be the one to go, considering the Bruins' recent acquisition of Chris Kelly from the Senators. It might be a defenseman, though.

According to Joe Haggerty at, Mark Stuart could be heading to the Chicago Blackhawks.

The B's are discussing sending rugged defenseman Mark Stuart to the Chicago Blackhawks, who are looking for a little more toughness around their net.

The Stuart deal would net the Bruins a draft pick, and would be strictly for salary cap relief rather than instant roster improvement.

Stuart earns $1.675 million against the salary cap this season. According to the numbers at, swapping out Stuart and moving in Kaberle wouldn't be compliant with the cap, even despite the Bruins' long-term injury cushion. It would bring them close enough, though, that a minor deal could get them under the cap. 

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