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NHL Trade Rumor Roundup: Zach Bogosian Likely Staying In Atlanta

After a wild day of trading that lasted all of Friday and stretched into the wee hours of Saturday morning, things are considerably more calm this Saturday. Two young defensemen find their names in the rumor mill today.

Beginning in Atlanta: the Thrashers will probably not be trading Zach Bogosian, if one is to believe GM Rick Dudley. As quoted by Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"People ask me that all the time. I say the same thing. Wayne Gretzky was traded. There are no untouchables that I know of. Certainly not in Atlanta. I'm not actively looking to trade Zach and I don't expect to trade him."

You have to assume that if Dudley was blown away by a trade offer, he'd budge and send Bogosian packing. 

Elsewhere, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review discussed rumors around Penguins' defenseman Alex Goligoski, saying that he's become such an integral part of the team's defense this season. At the same time, Goligoski might be seen as expendable simply because the Pens are so deep at the position.

If they could get a great deal at the deadline in a year where defensemen have a lot of value, wouldn't it make sense for Ray Shero to try?