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Will Jason Arnott Ask For Trade From New Jersey Devils?

It's been a miraculous run in the second half of the season for the New Jersey Devils, but after just one loss on Friday night against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Jason Arnott is contemplating his options as the trade deadline approaches. That goes to show just how fragile the Devils' hopes of making it to the postseason are. 

Is Arnott thinking about asking general manager Lou Lamoriello for a trade? Via the Newark Star-Ledger:

"Maybe a little bit," Arnott admitted Saturday. "Seven points away would've been a lot better than 11. But we'll see what happens. It's really hard to decide what to do. It's a long shot being 11 points out at this time. Then again, we've been through so much as a team. It'll be a tough decision."


"I've thought about [tonight being his last game with the Devils]," he said. "It will be disappointing, but it's part of the game, part of the business because of the hole we dug ourselves at the beginning of the year."

Nothing like last minute, right? The Devils visit the Florida Panthers at 5 p.m. Eastern on Sunday evening, just 22 hours prior to Monday's trade deadline. It's a definite reality that tonight could be Arnott's last game with the Devils.

A lot of that will have to do with the team's standing at the end of the night, as a win would bring the them back within nine points of the eighth place Hurricanes.

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