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NHL Trade Rumors: Will Tim Connolly Now Stay In Buffalo?

We speculated a few days ago that Tim Connolly's days in Buffalo were going to be short lived as he is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. That may not be the case though with this nugget from the Buffalo News' John Vogl on Sunday

At least one team has been rebuffed in its attempt to acquire Sabres center Tim Connolly, with a source saying GM Darcy Regier told the club he has no plans to move the pending unrestricted free agent.

We really have no idea what this ultimately mean. It seems that General Manager Darcy Regier feels that the center can add some value to the team with his play on the ice. It could also mean that Connolly is a piece of a bigger trade that hadn't gone down yet and he couldn't be moved until the other team really wasn't going to move the player in question. 

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