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NHL Trade Rumors: Chicago Blackhawks To Be 'Aggressive' On Trade Deadline Day

Trade deadline day 2011 is here, and if Stan Bowman has his way, the Chicago Blackhawks will have a different look after 3 p.m than they did when we all woke up this morning. 

Via the Chicago Sun-Times, Bowman says he's "aggressively" trying to improve the team with additions on defense and some depth at forward.

"In a perfect world, you'd like to have a defenseman and a center," Bowman said. "Does that come to fruition? It's unlikely you're going to hit both of those. We're working it on both fronts because you don't know which one is going to [land] in your lap at the end."    

After waiving Nick Boynton over the weekend, the Blackhawks cleared a bit of space for today's deadline. They now have about $1.85 million in acquisition space to play with as Bowman attempts to make those improvements. 

It seems as though defense would be the first priority, although like Bowman said, it's unclear what's going to fall into the lap by the 3 p.m. deadline. Defenseman Jordan Hendry was injured on Sunday, the day after another defenseman, Boynton was claimed on waivers by Philadelphia, leaving the 'Hawks with a small void there.

There's no real word on how much time Hendry will miss, but the question marks could lead Bowman to specifically target that spot.