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VIDEO: Nasty Daniel Paille Hit, Wild Opening Minute Highlight Bruins Vs. Stars Game

The Dallas Stars and Boston Bruins aren't what you'd call a traditional rivalry -- or a rivalry at all. But that didn't matter tonight, as the two teams decided to have a test of strength like Hulk Hogan fighting The Ultimate Warrior. Four fights, a match penalty, and there's time left as of this posting. What caused the first fight at 0:01 of the first period?

Well, considering it's Steve Ott and Gregory Campbell, it probably has something to do with this, back when Campbell played with the Panthers. 

More on tonight's action after the jump... 

So Ott and Campbell dropped them right off the start. Ott gave Campbell a forearm shiver to the face, and my God, the blood. Order was restored, but then Krys Barch and Shawn Thornton went. And then Brian Sutherby and Adam McQuaid went. That's three fights in six seconds, and according to NESN, it's a new NHL record.

Likely enraged by Ott's demolition of their teammate's face, the Bruins used the motivation to score two goals in the first 1:20, too. 

Here's the video:

The rough stuff wasn't over yet, though. Both Ott and Bruins captain Zdeno Chara received 10-minute misconduct penalties in the second period, while fresh-faced Tyler Seguin picked up a penalty for an illegal check to the head.

Daniel Paille also picked up a match penalty. Stars fans on Twitter and at Defending Big D are not happy with it, and you can see why:

As of now, it's still the third period, so who knows what else could happen. Maybe they just got inspired by Peter Forsberg's attempted comeback and want to have a good ol' Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings blood bath.

Mike Chen contributed to this commentary. HT: Greg Wyshynski for the Seguin clip.