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VIDEO: Mike Green Blocks Shot With His Head Against Penguins

Mike Green leads the Washington Capitals with 104 blocked shots heading into Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. During the game, he blocked a shot in way that probably wasn't as comfortable as the other 104, he did it with the side of his head. Take a look at the video of the play that happened at the end of the first period:

Mike Green was down on the ice for a couple of minutes and it seemed that he lost a decent amount of blood. He has not returned to the game at the start of the second period as he is probably getting stitched up and his status at this point in the game is not known. The Capitals have not missed his production in the lineup as of yet though, they currently have a 2-0 lead over the Penguins and are outshooting the Penguins 11-8 with 15 minutes left in the second period.