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VIDEO: 13 Things We Learned From The 'I'm A Caps Fan' Rap Song

Capitals fans are a pretty eccentric bunch, so when CSN Washington decided to put together a rap song and music video about this fine group of folks, who better to represent them than Remy Munasifi, the local guy who wrote such tunes as "Hummus: The Rap" and "Hey There Khalilah," among others.

The resulting tune? After the jump.

This video was really a learning experience. Calls for a list. 

1. Indeed, there was a day in the life of every Capitals fan in which they woke from nap to realize... "holy sh*t, I'm a Caps fan!" And of course, that day came at some point in the last four years, as evidenced by our pal in the video having his moment of clarity in a brand spanking new Jeff Schultz jersey. Wait, you mean Caps fans wear more than just red No. 8 jerseys?

2. At the 12 second mark, we learn that Olaf Kolzig is actually dead. 

3. Japers' Rink is clearly the go-to place for Caps fans, as evidenced by the fantastic cameo. If you're not already there, you're missing out. /SB Nation plug

4. "Gotta squeeze in some nappin' / I mean, I'm a mortgage lender / What's the worst that could happen?" Okay, so they're funny too.

5. Has a fan base ever fallen in line with a team marketing slogan as much as Caps fans have? "Rock The Red" is one thing, and the guys in the song dedicate 10 whole seconds to debating who rocks it more, but then they also reference "Unleash The Fury." The Capitals have clearly created a monster.

6. Playstation rhymes easier than Xbox, apparently.

7. Consider this support for a "Mike Milbury Mode" in NHL 12, where stuff like this doesn't happen.

8. Any fan base that's not traumatically scarred after seeing one of their star players "play the bongos" on a guy gets good marks in my book. A joke about it? Even better.

9. It's not the most clever joke in the world, but the "Crosby Controller" with "dive" and "whine" made me laugh. It made you laugh too, Pens fans. Don't lie now. 

10. Caps fans are still bitter about a collision with Cristobal Huet in Game 7 of the 2008 first round. Sami Kapanen scored with Huet down on the ice, and ultimately, the Flyers won that game and series in overtime.

11. The second Crosby joke is probably overkill, wouldn't we say? /inferiority complex!!!!11

12. You can really feel the love for Alex Semin down there in D.C., thanks to his timely hooking penalty during the shootout and everything. 

13. Sure, he's an SB Nation investor, but I don't mind saying this because I've never met the guy and there's no conflict of interest: Is Ted Leonsis the coolest owner in hockey, or is Ted Leonsis the coolest owner in hockey?!

H/T: Japers' Rink, reader Brett Cochran