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'History Will Be Made' Commercials Returning For 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The NHL's fantastic History Will Be Made commercials will be back for the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, according to a league press release. We all remember these ad spots from last year, which re-lived great moments in playoff history. 

Of course, that's not why we remember them. We remember them for the hundreds of parodies that were created by fans, which launched the campaign from just another creative set of ads to an Internet sensation.

The NHL has been great with their playoffs advertising in recent years. From the "No Words" ad...

... to the great "Cup Raise" ad of a few years ago...

to the History Will Be Made spots from 2010, I guess it's just a little disappointing that they won't be changing it up this year. I was personally looking forward to what else they were going to come up with, but I guess it's easy to understand why they didn't want to mess with a good thing.