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Zdeno Chara To Have Phone Hearing With NHL After Max Pacioretty Hit

If we've learned one thing from the NHL's discipline process (and well, there's no guarantee that we have learned anything) is that the League hands out supplementary discipline based on result more often than intent, and while we don't know exactly what Zdeno Chara's intent was when he shoved Max Pacioretty on Tuesday night, we do know the result.

The Montreal Canadiens forward left the ice on a stretcher. So today, when Chara sits down on the phone at 12 p.m. Eastern with Mike Murphy of the NHL, we shouldn't be surprised if at least a one game suspension is handed out to the big Bruins defenseman.

This is where we could benefit from hearing the NHL's line of thinking behind a suspension. From what stance do they legislate from? Is it really all about the optics of the injury, or do they take into account things like intent and remorse and all of that?

We're left in the dark all too often on this subject, and it would be nice for the NHL to give us some details today on whatever decision they make on Chara. We won't hold out breath.