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Report: 3 Local Buyers Interested In Purchasing Atlanta Thrashers

We don't know who is interested in purchasing the Atlanta Thrashers, but a report from Craig Custance of the Sporting News does tell us a few things about the continued attempt by the team's current owners to ship them off to the highest bidder.

Custance, who worked on the Thrashers beat before going national, reports that there are three potential owners interested in buying the team from Atlanta Spirit Group, which currently owns the Thrashers, the NBA's Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena. Most importantly, all three owners would keep the team in Atlanta, says one of the current owners, Bruce Levenson.

Via the Sporting News:

According to Levenson, the three potential buyers are currently only interested in buying the Thrashers and not the NBA's Hawks - and all would keep the NHL team in Atlanta.

The preference is to sell to a local buyer, but ownership hasn't ruled out ultimately selling to someone interested in moving the team. The group has not yet engaged in serous conversations with anyone outside of Atlanta interested in moving the Thrashers.

When will that change?

"When we have exhausted our efforts to find somebody in Atlanta," Levenson said.

For the time being, at least, there are still options for Atlanta Spirit in their attempt to sell the team to a local buyer.

The longer this drags on, though, the more uneasy fans in Atlanta deserve to be. For now, there seems to be at least a little bit of progress here. Potential owners who want to keep the team in town. Good news, right? Well, unless you're in Winnipeg.