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Simon Gagne Fine After Chris Kunitz Hit In Game 3 Vs. Penguins

Simon Gagne has a nasty history of concussion problems, but after taking a blatent, disgusting elbow from Pittsburgh's Chris Kunitz on Monday night during Game 3, he's in good health. 

Gagne didn't talk much about his health in his post-game comments other than to say that he finished the game and that he feels OK, but he did go into a lot of detail about what he thinks should happen to Kunitz as a result. Via

"There's a rule now in place for a hit to the head," Gagne said. "No elbows to the head. If you look at the replay, he's not even close to me and he just extended his elbow. And even the referee came and talked to me right after and asked me if I was okay. He saw what happened. Now it's up to the league. Nothing I can do about it."    

The referee may have seen what happened, but he certainly didn't make a strong call on the ice. Despite the horrifying visual of Kunitz sticking his elbow right into Gagne's head, the official only gave Kunitz a two-minute penalty for interference. That's not exactly what most people were thinking he deserved. 

Kunitz will face the NHL discipline chiefs on Tuesday, as he reportedly has a hearing scheduled. We'll see how long he'll be sitting for.