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VIDEO: Yes, Devin Setoguchi And The Sharks Did Beat The Kings In Game 3

Judging by the reactions this Wednesday morning, a lot of people in the East (and probably even in the West) went to bed or moved on with their lives after the Los Angeles Kings took a 4-0 lead just 21 minutes into Game 3 against the San Jose Sharks on Tuesday night. 

If you were one of those people, nobody blames you. You weren't alone. But damn, did you miss a hell of a playoff hockey game. We'll spare you all the details for now, although if you want them, we had full coverage of the game as it happened

If you want to skip that and just see Devin Setoguchi's overtime game-winner, though, well... here you go.

A whole lot of the credit on that goal has to go to Patrick Marleau, no? What a pass. And way to backcheck, Dustin Penner

It was the first time since 1985 that a team has come back from a four-or-more goal deficit to win a playoff game, as the friendly graphic there pointed out. Whew. You'll stay awake next time, won't you?