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Red Wings Vs. Coyotes, Game 4: Helm, Bertuzzi Finish Off The Coyotes In The Third Period

The Detroit Red Wings had a seven-game struggle with the Phoenix Coyotes in last year's post-season. This year, it will only last four games, but the result will be the same: the Wings have advanced out of this Western Conference Quarterfinal, winning Game 4 of the series 5-3 at Arena in Glendale tonight, sweeping the series and leaving Phoenix with yet another uncertain summer. 

Dan Cleary began the scoring in the third period with a goal from a seemingly impossible angle to beat Ilya Bryzgalov. It was his first of the series at 13:41. Todd Bertuzzi got into the scoring a few minutes later, charging the net and getting a goal of his own at 15:34. The Coyotes pulled Bryzgalov with just over two minutes left, but to no avail.

Jimmy Howard was solid, if not spectacular, making __ saves in the win. Bryzgalov was decent for two periods, but he cheated off the post on the Cleary goal and just got fat-out beat on the Bertuzzi one. He was average the entire series. Though he valiantly turned away 34 shots. 

So the Red Wings will await likely the third-highest seed to advance out of the first round, and the fans in Phoenix will wait and see if their team will stay in town. It is certainly a disappointing way to go out, but at least the Coyotes gave their fans some regular season thrills the last couple of seasons.