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VIDEO: Jack Edwards Rants ... About What? Well, We Aren't Entirely Sure Either

My first experience with Jack Edwards was during the beginning days of my other blog, Puck the Media, when he granted me a wide-ranging, terrifically entertaining interview. At that point, his most notable antics as Boston Bruins play-by-play man for New England Sports Network was his laughter at Philadelphia Flyers fans calling for a penalty on a Milan Lucic hit.

Since then, he has compared hockey games to the Revolutionary Waryelled at Roman Hamrlik to "GET UP!", and well, just a whole 'nother level of what some would call homerism, and some would call entertainment.

Edwards took it to an even greater plateau of ... whatever it is he does here, comparing the Bruins Game 7 Eastern Conference Quarterfinal victory over the rival Montreal Canadiens in overtime to ... we think, the Boston Tea Party.

I don't know why Jack Edwards assumes that everyone in Montreal are "royals" due to their birthplace or something, or how any of what he says ever relates to anything, but it sure is entertaining. Thank goodness we still have another round of this ... oh, and it's against Philly. This'll get good.  

via corlandella