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NHL Wants $89,000 From Montreal Restaurant For Using 'Go Habs Go!' Slogan

Copyright infringement is against the law, and the NHL has every right to step up and defend their name and their logos and their slogans and whatever else they own the rights too.

But I mean, come on guys. Use some judgment with it. Via CBC:

The National Hockey League is demanding $89,000 from a Montreal restaurant that displayed a Montreal Canadiens sweater and the words "Go Habs Go" on a sign.

The owner of a Basha franchise in downtown Montreal put an image on an outside wall showing the name of the restaurant and a man slicing shawarma while wearing a red Canadiens sweater.

I get it. Technically speaking, it's copyright infringement, but when a local business is A) just trying to support the team and B) giving free, extra publicity to the Montreal Canadiens, what's the harm? If anything, it makes the league look bad and greedy and any other negative adjective you can come up with for taking this out on a local restaurant.

Hell, if you think about it, the NHL gained more from the banner than the restaurant did. Pick your battles, NHL. This is silly.