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Atlanta Thrashers Sale Complete As Final Obstacles Are Overcome, Report Says

At last, the Atlanta Thrashers sale is complete. That's according to a report from Ken Campbell of The Hockey News, who says that the only step left is an official announcement that the team has been sold and will be relocated the Winnipeg.

The hold up had been caused by a fight between the NHL and Atlanta Spirit, the current owner of the Thrashers. Campbell reported last week that Gary Bettman and the league wanted the full $60 million relocation fee, as well as a chunk of the $110 million sale price, at the expense of Atlanta Spirit. 

According to Campbell, that's been resolved, and Bettman hasn't won. 

In fact, one source close to the situation said the final obstacle holding up the sale - how the $170 million purchase price would be split between the NHL and Atlanta Spirit - has finally been overcome.

And it appears to have favored the Atlanta Spirit and owner Bruce Levenson, who will reportedly receive $20 million of the $60 million relocation fee that is included in the purchase price.     

Campbell also reports that there's a bit of in-fighting at the NHL on when to make the announcement about the team moving to the 'Peg. Some want it to come between the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Finals, while others believe it should come after the Finals and before the Draft, as not to take away from the NHL's championship round. 

Whenever the announcement is made, it seems like everything's wrapped up now.