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Atlanta Thrashers Sale Nearly Complete, Could Be Announced Tuesday, According To Reports

Over the Memorial Day weekend in the United States, the news came out of Atlanta that there was another potential local owner interested in purchasing the Thrashers and keeping them in town. So much for that.

As has been expected for weeks now, the sale of the Atlanta Thrashers to True North Sports and Entertainment, and thus their pending relocation to Winnipeg, could be announced as soon as Tuesday morning. Multiple reports, including the always-trustworthy Bob McKenzie of TSN, have said on this Memorial Day that the lawyers are finalizing the paperwork as we speak.

McKenzie reports that the lawyers for True North have signed the deal, and they're just waiting on the lawyers with Atlanta Spirit Group to do the same. He notes that if that happens today, the deal will be announced on Tuesday morning. Who knows exactly how the holiday impacts things, but presumably lawyers still have their pen skills despite the day of remembrance.