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VIDEO: Alex Burrows Bites Patrice Bergeron In Canucks-Bruins Game 1

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Not that you'd be surprised to hear this is Alex Burrows, but he bit Patrice Bergeron at the end of the first period in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. The Canucks forward, known for playing with the Sedins and employing questionable tactics like this at times, clearly chomped down on the finger of Bergeron as the two met at the final buzzer in the first period.

Here's video, via Mocksession.

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Bergeron was gesturing to his finger following the scrum, trying to alert the official to what happened. Burrows received a double minor for roughing, while Bergeron received just a two-minute minor for the same offense. That would indicate that the official saw something, obviously. 

The obvious question: suspension?

It's as clear as clear gets that Burrows did bite Bergeron, and usually when these allegations are made, the video isn't as clear and we're not 100 percent sure either way. 

For the record, since Colin Campbell has stepped down from his position, he's not in charge of the suspension decision. His replacement, Brendan Shanahan, won't be in charge either. Mike Murphy, another VP with the NHL's hockey ops department, will be in charge during these Finals. 

He should be suspended, but it's the playoffs. Trying to assume anything is an effort in futility.

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