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Roberto Luongo's Home, Road Statistics Are Ridiculously Different In Stanley Cup Finals

At home in Vancouver, Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo is a legitimate Conn Smythe Trophy candidate. He's been unreal for his team all playoffs long, but in the Stanley Cup Finals at Rogers Arena, he's been absolutely incredible. Just look at these numbers.

0.67 goals against average, 3-0 record, two shutouts and a .979 save percentage. He has 95 saves on 97 shots. Two goals against in three games played. Just absurd stuff.

But somehow, on the road, it's completely different.

At TD Garden, home of the Boston Bruins, in these Stanley Cup Finals, Luongo's numbers are the stuff of nightmares -- or, if you're a B's fan, the stuff of Dunkin' Donuts. Delicious, delicious Boston Creme donuts. 

8.05 goals against average, .773 save percentage, and just 51 saves on 66 shots. That's in just under 112 minutes of ice time, since he hasn't finished two of the games he's started. 

How does that even happen? As much as Luongo gets unfairly criticized by the Vancouver media, he's shown in these Finals that he doesn't have the mental makeup to get the job done. Except, that's just the thing: With one more great game in Vancouver, he will get the job done. And that's just incredible. 

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