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Roberto Luongo Stalked By Media During Pregame Seawall Ritual

Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo has been a master of his crease during home games in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, and we learned after Game 5 that he takes walks along the seawall in Vancouver as part of his pregame routine.

As he told the media after the game, he puts his head down, his hood up and his earphones in during the walk along the 13.7 mile seawall and it helps him clear his head before the game. On Wednesday, he's likely doing the same thing, and it appears as though the media is trying to hunt him down during his ritual.

Paul Chapman, the Vancouver Province reporter who passed that word along, made sure to note that nobody from his paper was taking part in the stalking. We're not sure of Chapman was talking about Bob McKenzie of TSN, but he made sure he clarified that he wasn't out looking for Luongo, even though he was on the seawall for a bike ride.

And good thing the distinction was made, too, because it really is pretty ridiculous.

The guy is trying to get away from you, trying to clear his head before the biggest game of his life. One that could perhaps define his entire life. And you're hunting him down.

Let's use an analogy media people might understand: This is like Bob Woodward's wife bugging him to do the dishes while he's on the phone with Deep Throat in his home office, about to get a final break on the story that will expose Watergate.

Let the man do his thing. He's having a bit of an important day, guys. 

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