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Bruins Vs. Canucks, Game 7: NESN's Jack Edwards Celebrates Stanley Cup About As You'd Expect

Jack Edwards of NESN and the Boston Bruins is the most eccentric play-by-play announcer in the league, and there's also no hiding the fact that he's a huge homah and a true Bruins fan -- despite the fact that he's a member of the media. Listen to him for three minutes and you'll understand what we're talking about.

From his rants about the Revolutionary War to his evil cackling at the misfortunes of rival teams to his self-righteousness about everything Boston, Edwards entertains and pisses off simultaneously, depending on your point of view.

Unfortunately, we've missed his rants and ramblings at the biggest point of the 2010-11 hockey year for the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals, since NBC has been broadcasting the game and he's been stuck solely on post-game coverage.

But that does mean we got to see his reaction to the Bruins triumphant Stanley Cup victory on Wednesday night, and by God, is it perfect or what? Via NESN's Michael Hurley:


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