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PHOTO: The $150K Receipt From The Bruins' Stanley Cup Celebration

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Remember when the Dallas Mavericks celebrated the NBA Title by ordering the biggest bottle of champagne in human history? Well, to celebrate winning the Stanley Cup, it turns out the Boston Bruins ordered a similar bottle at Foxwoods Casino recently.


Clearly, we've spotted a trend among championship winners. An superduper expensive trend.

Price tag on that bottle? $100,000.

Really, check the receipt.


$156,679.74 was the total damage, and in addition to the hundred thousand dollar bottle of champagne (there are six of those bottles in the world, and pro sports have bought two of them in the past week), the team inhaled 136 Bud Lights (which actually seems low), 20 bottles of champagne (at $200 each), 67 bottles of water (stay hydrated!), 36 Red Bulls (stay awake!) and two more magnums of Ace of Spades (at $2,000 each... Stay ballin!). Plus, there was one Heinken Light for $6. 

Clearly, somebody didn't get the memo about ballin outta control.

(Bruins photo courtesy of Busted Coverage)