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NHL Awards 2011 Show: Where And When To Watch This Year's Hockey Awards

The 2011 NHL Awards are back on Wednesday night, and this year's version is again hosted by known hockey-hater Jay Mohr. He's planning a few Canucks jokes, as he revealed during the red carpet event before hand, although the NHL apparently yanked his Alex Burrows biting joke, which kind of sucks. I'm sure the D-list musical performances will make it all better, though.

The red carpet program began at 5 p.m. on NHL Network, with interviews and something that might possibly resemble analysis of the picks. Or perhaps just analysis of Michael Grabner's hair and talk about how he can't legally do anything in Vegas. Either way, it's there if you're interested. 

Anyway, the Awards show begins at 7 p.m. ET, live from The Pearl Theater at the Palms Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev. In the United States it can be seen on Versus. In Canada, the show can be seen on CBC.

For more coverage of the event, follow SB Nation's writers on the ground: Bob from Canes Country on Twitter at @CanesCountry, Arthur from Anaheim Calling on Twitter at @AnaheimCalling and Jen, also from Anaheim Calling on Twitter at @WhatWouldJNDo.