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VIDEO: Martin St. Louis Wins Lady Byng At NHL Awards 2011, Or Does Martin St. Lewis?

The NHL Awards on Wednesday night were embarrassing if you're the kind of person that cares about the image of the National Hockey League. Jay Mohr was much, much worse than he was a year ago, when the noted hockey hater hosted the show for the first time -- seriously, about four of his jokes hit. 

And the musical acts? Well, let's just call that bathroom break time. 

By far, though, the worst part of the show was when Martin St. Louis was awarded the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy --from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The painful, painful video after the jump.

Cringe-worthy. One of those ladies is apparently married to one of the Maloofs, the dudes that own the Palms Casino Hotel and also tried to rip Sacramento away from their basketball team (unsuccessfully, I might add). Let's make sure these ladies don't get to do this again. 

For more on tonight's awards, check in with our StoryStream, which includes all the results and final vote totals.