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Jaromir Jagr Has Contract Offer From Detroit Red Wings Too, Report Says

Jaromir Jagr has a contract offer from not one NHL team, but two, according to a report from Sovietsky Sport's Pavel Lysenov. The Detroit Red Wings have apparently joined the Pittsburgh Penguins in offering Jagr an NHL contract for next season, and they are the only two North American clubs to do so as of now.

In case you're skeptical, Sovietsky Sport is one of the most reputable sports publications in Russia. Jagr is flying to the United States on Wednesday and plans to make a decision on his NHL future quickly upon his arrival. Lysenov also reports that he's received a contract offer from Omsk, his team in Russia's KHL.

Agent Zidek told me, today Jagr will make decision. He has three offers - Pittsburgh, Detroit, Omsk. Two days ago Zidek spoke with Omsk. But he don't know, what Jagr decided. I think if Jagr flying to US, for sure, he'll play in NHL.

Makes sense. For more on the Pens side of this story, check in with Pensburgh. With more on the Wings side of things, check in with Winging It In Motown.