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Winnipeg NHL Fans Buy 5,800 Remaining Season Tickets In 17 Minutes On

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Hope you didn't sleep in on this Saturday, Winnipeg NHL fans. If for some reason you weren't around to buy season tickets to your new hockey team at 12 p.m. CT, you've already lost your chance. 

17 minutes after tickets went on sale to the general public on, the 5,842 tickets that remained following this week's presale were gobbled up by fans. There are none left. Four days after it was announced that the Atlanta Thrashers would be relocating to Winnipeg, 13,000 season tickets have been sold. 

That's just absolutely incredible, and it sends a damn strong message to the NHL's Board of Governors that Winnipeg's population will throw their support behind NHL hockey. The Board votes to approve or disapprove the relocation bid on June 21.

There's a waiting list for fans who missed out on tickets, at the cost of a $50 deposit and $100 per year to hold your spot. On the waiting list. Folks on the waiting list do have the opportunity to buy Stanley Cup Playoff tickets before the general public, though.

Considering there are 13,000 season ticket holders and the MTS Centre only seats 15,015 for hockey, individual game tickets are going to be extremely hard to come by in Winnipeg this season and in the postseason. It's a small market with a small barn, and the only way hockey will truly work there this time is if they sell out every game.

Shouldn't be a concern, at least in the first year or two. After the new car smell wears off? Well, we'll see.

For more on the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg, check this StoryStream, or follow Behind The Net Hockey, which will soon be transforming into our new Winnipeg NHL blog.