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Bruins Vs. Canucks, Game 2: Alex Burrows Scores Power Play Goal, Gives Vancouver 1-0 Lead

Alex Burrows bit Patrice Bergeron in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. He wasn't suspended, and the NHL's reason for that decision didn't exactly hold water.

Still, he's in Game 2 on this Saturday night and he's already been a force. On a little tap pass from Chris Higgins on the power play, Burrows took a quick shot that Tim Thomas never had a chance to even see. It beat him cleanly and the Vancovuer Canucks hold a 1-0 lead. 

That's not going to make Bruins fans happy with the NHL, is it? 

Really, their ire should be directed at Andrew Ference. It was his failed clear on the penalty kill that led to the scoring chance. 

The Bruins have yet to score a goal in the series, but they're now going to have to score two if they want to avoid a 2-0 series deficit. 

The Stanley Cup Finals are ongoing, as the Vancouver Canucks battle the Boston BruinsStick with this StoryStream for full coverage of Game 2. For coverage on the Finals, stick with our Stanley Cup Finals hub, our Canucks blog, Nucks Misconduct, and our Bruins blog, Stanley Cup of Chowder.