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VIDEO: Aaron Rome Hits Nathan Horton Really Hard, Illegally In Canucks-Bruins Game 3

In the opening minutes of Game 3 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, Aaron Rome of the Vancouver Canucks absolutely obliterated Nathan Horton of the Boston Bruins at the blue line. Horton had to be stretchered off, but was reportedly moving his limbs and had his eyes open, so that's good news. Rome received a five minute interference penalty and a ten minute game misconduct penalty. The Boston Bruins somehow failed to score on their five minute power play. Video right here, gif awesomeness is after the jump, courtesy of @bubbaprog and Mocksession.

Boom, headshot.

It would be hard to imagine a world in which Rome does not get suspended for this hit. Horton seems to have avoided any kind of serious long-term injury, but seeing him return to this game would be a downright shock.

I feel the need to point out, for a second time, that Boston failed to score on their five minute power play. This is something that should probably not happen to a professional hockey team that is supposedly really good.