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Bruins Vs. Canucks, Game 3 Score: First Period Scoreless, Aaron Rome Hit On Nathan Horton The Story

The first 20 minutes of Game 3 between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks has had some entertainment value, but for reasons other than quality hockey. It hasn't been the best game so far, but it's been watchable anyway, thanks to some nasty hits, some trolling, and some screaming by Mike Emrick.

The 'highlight' of the game, or at least the biggest storyline so far, occurred when Aaron Rome made a nasty hit to the head of Nathan Horton at his offensive blue line. Rome received a five minute interference penalty and a ten minute game misconduct penalty, which were certainly the correct calls. Boston looked average at best during their five minute spell on the power play, failing to score. 

Vancouver had a power play of their own and they failed to capitalize. Tim Thomas made a couple of great saves on Mason Raymond late in the period, eliciting a pretty awesome scream by Mike Emerick, but that was the only real highlight of an otherwise average period. The action will almost certainly pick up in the second period, and hopefully both teams will get a lot better on the power play.

Oh, and trolling! There's still a ton of taunting that has to do with finger biting. I know everyone is shocked.

The Stanley Cup Finals are ongoing, as the Vancouver Canucks battle the Boston BruinsStick with this StoryStream for full coverage of Game 3. For coverage on the Finals, stick with our Stanley Cup Finals hub, our Canucks blog, Nucks Misconduct, and our Bruins blog, Stanley Cup of Chowder.