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Bruins Vs. Canucks, Game 3 Final Score: Boston Sends Message, Crushes Vancouver With Eight Goals

You didn't think the Boston Bruins were going to go down easily, but holy hell, you didn't think that was going to happen either. The Vancouver Canucks were run out of TD Garden in the latter two periods of Game 3 in this Stanley Cup Final, as the Bruins dropped eight goals behind Roberto Luongo in 40 minutes of play to win 8-1. 

I mean, talk about sending a message. From the start of the second period on, the Bruins just walked all over the Canucks. There was no breathing room for them at all, and whether they were tired or worn down or hurt by the absence of one of their defenseman, there's really no two ways about it: the Bruins made sure they made their own presence known in the series. 

It all probably started when that defenseman was lost for the Canucks. Aaron Rome delivered a nasty late hit on Nathan Horton and was thrown out of the game (and potentially more) in the first period, and while the Bruins didn't score on the ensuing five minute power play, they did seem to gain some jump and they seemed to use the injury to Horton as a rallying point. 

Horton never returned after being stretchered off the ice and will spend the evening at Massachusetts General Hospital for observation. We'll hopefully learn some good news about his condition on Tuesday. 

The physical play really stepped up, and the Bruins completely embarrassed the Canucks in that regard as well. They toyed around with Vancouver players, laying big hits at seemingly every turn, and they got more confidence with each and every one of them. Even Tim Thomas got involved in the hitting, showing he can do more than just stop everything that comes at him. He was brilliant yet again in Game 3. 

It was a horrible night for the Vancouver Canucks, but the solace is that they're still up 2-1 in the series, and they can have the opportunity to win things back at home in Game 5 if they pull off a win in Game 4 on Wednesday night. One thing we learned tonight, though, is that the Bruins are going to have something to say about that. 

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