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Bruins Vs. Canucks, Game 4: Nathan Horton Presents 'Game Jacket'; How's Mark Recchi Feel About That?

Off the top, let's just say this: I personally have no issue with Nathan Horton presenting the Boston Bruins' Game Jacket to Rich Peverley in the locker room after their Game 4 Stanley Cup Finals win. It's great news that Horton was able to be inside TD Garden, and since being hospitalized by Aaron Rome, he's rightfully become a dangerous emotional catalyst for his teammates in their series against the Vancouver Canucks.

For those unaware of the details, after each win, the Game Jacket is presented to the Bruins' player of the game, as selected by the current holder of the jacket. After their Game 3 win, in which Horton was taken out, the team hung the jacket in Horton's locker. After Game 4, he was able to be in the locker room with his teammates to celebrate the win.

It's great news and while we know Horton won't be back this season, it's still good to see that he's able to walk around, deal with the noise and the lights in the locker room and the arena and all of that stuff. A sports arena in Boston during the Finals isn't the best place to treat what the doctors called a severe concussion, after all.

But as I was reading this story last night, the one thing that popped into my mind was: I wonder what Mark Recchi is thinking? If you'll recall back to the Zdeno Chara hit on Max Pacioretty of the Montreal Canadiens earlier this year, Recchi went on the radio in Boston and accused the Habs of embellishing Pacioretty's severe concussion.

His reasoning? Pacioretty was on Twitter a few days after the incident, and he even went to the movies. People don't go to the movies with bad concussions, so he must've been fine. It was all an act. That was Recchi's accusation, anyway. 

It's rare that I side with Canadiens fans, especially against one of my hockey idols in Mark Recchi (owned his Flyers jersey growing up, was one of my first favorite players, etc.), but if you're feeling like Recchi's a bit of a hypocrite here, you're not alone. 

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