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Things We Can Learn From 1920s NHL Game Film

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This video of a Chicago Blackhawks (sorry, "Black Hawks") vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (we think) game in 1929 has surfaced on YouTube, and for some reason, the quality is better than some videos from the late 1990s that are on the Tubes.

This is awesome for about a thousand reasons, some of which we detail below.

- Pads? What pads?

- From the face off win at the :19 second mark until the scene cuts away at the :30 second mark, that guy is able to take the puck, circle in his own zone, cross the blueline and skate across center ice without even a challenge from an opponent. It almost looks like he's playing by himself, or that the whistle blew and he's the only one in the building that didn't hear it.

- The :48 and :49 second mark is the best part, without a doubt. Go look again.

- The game generally seems a whole lot slower, but every once in a while you notice guys busting it flying past the opposition. It seemed as though defensemen weren't too good at keeping their feet moving at all times so as to not get beat by the forwards all the damn time. Wonder why.


H/T to the fantastic NHLhistorygirl on Twitter for the video.