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Dany Heatley Excited About Trade To Minnesota Wild

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It wasn't so long ago that Dany Heatley was considered one of the NHL's top snipers. From 2002-03 to 2009-10, the forward registered at least 39 goals in every complete season he played and scored 50 goals twice. But last year was not so kind, as he slumped to 26 goals and posted a career low .80 points per game, while battling several injuries.

With last week's trade to the Minnesota Wild -- in exchange for Martin Havlat -- Heatley has a chance to resurrect his career. He says he's looking forward to that chance and thinks that along with former Sharks and new Wild teammate Devon Setoguchi, there's a good chance the Wild can be back in the playoffs:

"We're there to get back in the playoffs, no question," Heatley said of Setoguchi and himself. "Once you're in the playoffs, it's a whole new season. They have a good team. They were a good team last year, and I think they're better team this year."

The Wild are coming off three consecutive playoff-less seasons. Last year, they scored just 206 goals, the second lowest total in the Western Conference. In Heatley (26 goals) and Setoguchi (22) they added two players, who even during down years for them, would have led their team in goal-scoring.