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Wade Belak Found Dead In Toronto Hotel

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Wade Belak has been found dead in a Toronto hotel complex. The 15-year NHL veteran had just retired from the game in March and was set to begin a career in the hockey media.

Wade Belak, the former enforcer who played 571 NHL games for five different teams, has been found dead in a downtown Toronto condo, reports the QMI Agency. Belak just retired from the NHL in March after playing 15 games with the Nashville Predators during the 2010-11 season. He had turned to a post-hockey career in media and was set to host his own radio show in Nashville this upcoming season. 

Belak is the third NHL enforcer to pass away this summer, following the deaths of Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien. It's too soon, of course, to start assigning blame and pointing fingers. We don't yet know what caused Belak's death, only that the 35 year old has departed far too soon.

Belak was scheduled to appear this fall on the CBC reality series Battle Of The Blades, which is a unique blend of Dancing With The Stars and figure skating. He leaves behind two young daughters, five-year-old Alex and seven-year-old Andie, as well as Jennifer, his wife of nine years.