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A Glimpse Into The Education Of The Modern College Athlete

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Blake Kessel just signed his first professional contract with the Philadelphia Flyers last week. Before this summer, though, Phil's little brother was a student at the University of New Hampshire, where he woke up early each morning and hit the hockey rink for practice, just the precursor to a long day of hitting the books.

Or something. We all know -- or, at least, we all believe -- that college athletes have it relatively easy when it comes to their studies, but thanks to the glory of the Internet, we can look at exactly what Kessel had to do in a 400 level class at UNH. (EDIT: Apparently UNH classes start in the 400's. That's silly, but thanks @samer_k!)

Ladies and gentlemen, Blake Kessel CS403 Section 4 webpage.


Kessel2_medium  Kessel3_medium

Yes, those are Taylor Swift lyrics. And his favorite NHL team is the New York Islanders. That's what happens when they draft you, I guess. Closely followed by big bro's Boston Bruins, of course. (This was done in 2008, apparently.)

Oh, and Blake wants to visit Dubai because "I want to stay that the Atlantis it looks like a lot of fun." 

Can I go back to college? 

H/T: @felixpotvin