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149 Minutes Is Too Long A Bus Ride For New York Rangers

It takes 2 hours, 29 minutes to drive from the New York Rangers practice facility in Greenburgh, N.Y. to the state capital in Albany. That's apparently too long of a bus trip for the team, which will play the New Jersey Devils at Albany's Times Union Center on Wednesday.

They're going to fly instead.

Rangers will fly, not bus as planned, to Albany tomorrow afternoon for 7 p.m. game vs. Devils
Sep 20 via TweetDeck

So, let's figure this out. A 149 minute bus trip from the practice facility to Albany. Okay, not bad.

I don't know what airport the Rangers fly out of, but there are three possibilities: LaGuardia, JFK or Westchester County. We're going to assume the latter, just based on proximity and the stupidity of driving through New York City if you don't have to.

If they leave their Greenburgh practice facility and head to the Westchester County Airport in Armonk, it'll take 'em 21 minutes. From there, let's assume it takes at least 20 minutes to board the plane and take off -- probably longer even though they're not flying commercial, but whatever. We're up to 41 minutes at the very least.

According to FlightAware, it takes 38 minutes to fly between the two airports. 79 minutes. Then, it's a 20 minute drive (through an urban area) from Albany International Airport to the Times Union Center, plus the time it takes to deplane and board the bus. Probably looking at 40 minutes total, at least. So... 129 minutes. That's a conservative estimate.

So at best, the Rangers are flying to Albany to save 20 minutes. And if they leave from a different airport, it'll take them longer than it would to take a bus. Hey, at least they'll be comfortable, right?

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