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VIDEO: Yes, Jack Johnson Tebowed After His Goal On Monday

Jack Johnson of the Los Angeles Kings is a noted Tim Tebow supporter. Following the win by Tebow's Denver Broncos over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon, Johnson tweeted at the quarterback, saying how happy he was with the performance. "Show the world," he said.

On Monday night in L.A., Johnson showed the world that support in a little more obvious a way.

Johnson explained the history behind the celebration after the game, via the Los Angeles Times:

"The background behind it was that I've got some buddies that flew in from Michigan," Johnson said.

"And we were watching the [football] game last night and after the game they said, 'If you score, would you Tebow for us?' I said, 'Sure deal.' Then I ended up scoring and I thought, 'I've got to pay up.'"

He's not the first NHL player to Tebow after a goal, as Colton Orr did it following a shootout goal at a Maple Leafs fan event. But considering Orr isn't in the NHL right now and that wasn't in a real game, we'll give the honor to Johnson.