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PHOTO: This Is What 'Feeling Better' Looks Like For Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall took a hockey skate to the forehead on Tuesday night in Columbus. Back in Edmonton on Thursday, the Oilers forward finally caught up with the team's friendly public relations staff. So, Taylor, how are you feeling?

"I'm feeling better. I'd like to thank our trainers & the Columbus medical staff."

Unfortunately for Hall and his once-boyish good looks, "feeling better" and "looking better" aren't the same thing. Don't click below the jump if you're eating lunch.


If that doesn't make you cringe, a quick thought of the possibilities surely does. What if that skate caught his nose? Or his ear? Or his eye? Or his neck? 30 stitches on the forehead and a pretty crazy scar are nothing compared to what could have happened to the guy.

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