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Steve Tambellini To Remain Edmonton Oilers General Manager, According To Report

Steve Tambellini, whose Edmonton Oilers teams have failed to show much improvement under his guidance, is apparently poised to receive a contract extension.

Coming off two straight seasons in which the Edmonton Oilers finished with the fewest points in the NHL and amidst a season in which they have the second fewest, general manager Steve Tambellini is reportedly poised to receive a contract extension. The Edmonton Sun is reporting that Tambellini, who is currently in the final year of his contract, is poised to receive an extension sometime between the NHL All-Star break and the trade deadline.

This is Tambellini's fourth season with the Oilers, with his best year being in 2008-09 when the they finished with 85 points and were seven points shy of making the playoffs. That was a little worse than the year before he took over when the Oilers finished with 88 points and were just three points shy of the playoffs.

The lack of improvement under Tambellini has drawn near universal criticism and news of his being extended elicited a somewhat predictable response from Oilers blog Copper & Blue: