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VIDEO: Richard Zednik, Kids Cheat Death As Hockey Rink Roof Collapses In Slovakia

The December 2010 video of the Metrodome roof collapse in Minnesota is unbelievable, but this video of a similar incident in Slovakia over the weekend is utterly incomprehensible.

Via LiveLeak, watch as former NHLer Richard Zednik skates around with some kids on an ice sheet Námestovo, Slovakia, getting off just in time as the roof overhead creaks and cracks before caving in on the rink.

The truly incredible part: Despite the fact that there were people in the building as the roof came down, which you can see just on the opposite side of the rink boards in the video, reports claim that nobody was hurt.

As you can also see in the video, the roof collapsed on the ice surface but spared the area between the outer walls of the rink facility and the boards, creating a tunnel. It's possible that bit of luck is what saved lives here -- perhaps even the life of Zednik and those kids who were skating with him.

Zednik has cheated death in the past as well. While with the Florida Panthers in 2008, he took a skate to the neck during a game and was rushed to the hospital. He turned out alright, and it's pretty clear that somewhere, they're watching over this guy.

h/t Puck Daddy