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Tampa Bay Lightning Fire Mascot For Silly String Attack

You may remember the viral video from last week that featured Thunderbug, the Tampa Bay Lightning mascot, getting roughed up by a Bruins fan after he was covered in silly string. Turns out that little incident was the straw that broke the camel's back and the woman who served as the performer under the suit has been canned by the team, according to WTSP:

The 10 News Investigators have learned the Tampa Bay Lightning are looking for a new mascot less than a week after "ThunderBug" had an altercation with a Bruins fan.

A Boston-backer slammed the mascot from behind during the Tuesday, Jan 17 Lightning-Bruins game after he was hit with silly string. Ushers spoke to the man in the concourse, but he later returned to his seat.

That video after the jump.

Here's the video from last week's game, where Thunderbug shot silly string at a Bruins fan who reacted just like Bruins fans normally would: with little humor and a whole lotta anger.

Of course, Tampa Bay fans are upset at the firing, which the team says was not just because of this one singular incident. You can show your support at a Facebook page, which is proven to always have influence over a sports franchise's business decisions, guaranteed.