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VIDEO: Somebody Yelled 'Wade Belak' From Crowd During NHL All-Star Draft

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The crowd at the Casino du Lac Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec for the 2012 NHL All-Star Draft was boisterous all evening, rooting for Daniel Alfredsson and his fellow Ottawa Senators All-Stars as the night progressed.

They were also quite vocal in the opposite manner, booing Joffrey Lupul, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Team Chara each time they made a pick. Lupul joked about it. So did Phil Kessel and TSN host James Duthie. It was all in good fun and it made for some entertaining television.

But then, somebody took it quite a bit too far.

Listen just prior to the end of this YouTube video, at about the 0:12 mark, when a fan in the crowd yells "Wade Belak" as Zdeno Chara attempts to decide on his next pick. The video is sideways, but you only need the sound.

Pretty awful. Belak, of course, was the long time Toronto Maple Leaf player who passed away in August at the far-too-young age of 35. This is what they call taking things too far. Hopefully somebody in the crowd pointed this guy out, and that he'll get what's coming to him for making such a disturbing comment.

h/t Bruce Arthur